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Enough about Manning for right now. Back to Snowden. Edward Snowden and the Glenns Greenwald say Snowden wasn’t their source. Of course they’re saying that. Why wouldn’t they say it, whether it’s true or not? If Snowden was the source Greenwald and the Guardian gain nothing by admitting it. He especially has nothing to gain when his boy toy is getting stopped at airports.

And let’s be clear about the ongoing Time Warner/CBS dispute: the problem was created by government, specifically antiquated regulations designed to hinder cable television and aid the lucky network affiliates. That is, regulation hinders innovation and picks winners and losers.

Deregulate, or at the very least loosen the regulations as Steve Scalise and Jim DeMint tried a while back.

Given that Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload service was almost certainly used by various terrorists and international gangsters, it’s no surprise that NSA went after it all, and it’s also reasonable that NSA went after the German-born man since turned fugitive.

I have a serious problem with the idea that laws could be copyrighted. So I support efforts to fight it.

Good news for civilized people and bad news for criminals: FBI is rolling up a major Anonymous cell while a former member possibly turns informant? Heh.

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