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Heh, the Playstation 4 is pro-used games and cheaper, right? Not so fast. The PS4 simply didn’t include the Eye and will let publishers restrict used games after all. Told you EA didn’t stop online passes because they were suddenly fine with used games.

Kids don’t belong on the Internet, because predators are out there. Even if your kid is high school aged, Be careful!

NSA updates. FISA reforms are brewing, involving adding oversight to the process. It’s a difficult idea but I suppose a sensible review and reform process.

Apparently privacy advocates think that having been the girlfriend of a traitor is a waiver of privacy.

Oh look, the Obama administration is messing up spectrum again, what a surprise. We have way too many government agencies meddling in that area.

Let’s deregulate video. There are to be hearings on video competition but it’s clear to me that in the Internet era we’re fine.

This says it all about Pandora: Instead of negotiating better prices, they’re simply trying to get on the government price controls bandwagon they’ve been telling us to hate, by buying a radio station in a small market. Apple negotiates. Spotify negotiates. Pandora relies on big government. That’s why I don’t like IRFA.

If I were in Iowa I’d be all for sales tax changes if they’re paired with a cut of some other tax. Iowa should pass tax cuts contingent on MFA passage. That would be a fine good-faith effort to show this is about revenue stability and reform, and not an attempt to increase the tax burden.

I’m not sure I’m impressed that the US is attacking web pages. It doesn’t really mean much unless we’re actually getting data off of these servers.

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