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Surprise:Obama’s cybersecurity plans don’t actually fix anything, they just expand government. And yet the administration shamelessly attempts to use the crisis of storm Sandy to try to achieve this end.

At this point the administration’s cybersecurity efforts are as delusional and straw-grasping as its global warming efforts. Though what’s sad is that unlike global warming, there actually is a kernel of truth there that we as a nation could be acting on, but Obama is distracting us with his attempts to expand government.

And again, the great irony is that ITU’s power grabs aren’t really any different from Obama’s own. Reject the executive order and the new treaty. An open internet free of burdensome regulation is non-negotiable.

Meanwhile, you know who’s actually trying to solve problems, and probably has a decent shot of being Mitt Romney’s FCC chairman? Ajit Pai. It’s not just at RedState that he’s talking about the need to move toward IP transformation. He is all over doing outreach. And you know what? It’s true that wireless is important, and flexible, and useful. Wireless was my information lifeline when I lost power 25 hours thanks to Sandy.

It’s kinda too bad we didn’t just repeal the FCC when FDR wanted to. Amazing that even he saw that early that the FCC would have trouble with vague authority and needed Congressional tightening.

Yeah, I never thought the low power FM thing mattered either.

NPR doesn’t understand markets. The most surprising news in the history of ever. Why can’t we all just have free intertubes?

How badly did Obama bork up patents? FTC is now threatening to get involved between Apple and Google.

Let’s juxtapose two headlines: Kim Dotcom launching Mega site in January. Feds say users will likely never get Megaupload files back. Only a fool would trust fugitive Kim Dotcom ever again.

At what point does an app cross the line between adding functionality and altering the health of the network? we may find out with the tethering app dispute between FCC on one side, and Verizon and MetroPCS on the other side. I’m inclined against regulation here. Let competition fix it, if there’s an issue.

Google is in the business of gathering data and selling it to advertisers. And yet government is having to be told that, hang on: if they use Google, they may get their data mined. Duh? Obviously any government agency dealing with data that must be kept private, must not be using a service like one of Google’s public services. Google’s services trade privacy for other benefits. This is a known tradeoff.

One of the more amusing ledes I’ve ever seen: “Pirating massive amounts of gay porn via BitTorrent may not be as rewarding as it seems.” $1.5 million in fines. Wow.

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