Tech at Night

He do have some conservatives in DC, and Louie Gohmert is pushing Obama’s FCC on Net Neutrality. He told Obama’s rubberstamp, Tom Wheeler, “You’re playing God with the Internet.” And he’s making great points on innovation.

Innovation is the life blood of growth, and regulation kills it. By design.

You see, Regulation was always a bargain between big business and big government. Big business submits to greater government, and in return government makes sure the regulations hinder upstarts. It’s win-win, except the rest of America loses.

It’s no wonder regulation attacks the first amendment. They have to in order to keep the deal going without the rest of us noticing.

Remember when I said Bitcoin was anarchic and hinders property rights? Told you so. It doesn’t protect against government, it prevents government from protecting us.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. No comprehensive reform bills.

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