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The difference between Republicans and Democrats is clear, and that’s why it’s important to vote and vote for the Republican.

Right now the Democrats are on a psychotic jihad against the Washington Redskins, and it’s gone from arbitrarily stripping a trademark, now to open intimidation attempts in California and even brazen censorship plans in Washington.

Vote for the Republican. Even if it’s a squish, vote for the squish. It’s important.

I continue to insist that banning in-flight calls is a terrible idea. It’s a disgusting expansion of government power to start banning annoyances, which is all a call on a flight is. An annoyance. Grow up.

Universal phone service is supposed to be one of the great progressive achivements, but these days it’s not a successful program.

When anarchists go to prison, liberty wins.

It continues to amaze me how special interests get cuts out in the law. If you or I ran a massive copyright infringement scheme, we’d go to jail. But SiriusXM gets to blow off copyright on pre-1972 recordings, makes $136MM on the deal, and completely gets away with it because of regulation.

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