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I like to point out how the Net Neutrality / Title II Reclassification gang makes inconsistent arguments, for example complaining about ‘fast lanes’ even as it pushes for Title II which would allow ‘fast lanes’.

Well, it turns out if you scratch beneath that inconsistent surface, you get the real motivation: “to hobble corporations”. They think that’s the job of the FCC.

The end result of what they want would be to stagnate us, and create a culture that hinders innovation, like Europe.

China, the country Edward Snowden first ran to, is also spying. Huh.

Turns out even the Bitcoin troll knockoff Dogecoin was just as scam-ridden.

Google is often a friend of the left but they’re at least trying to stick it to freeloader culture.

Trolls may bet four times the prison term in the UK. I approve.

I’ve been warning for a while that the Internet of Things is a risky concept. Some Senators have gotten wind of that it sounds like.

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