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While I don’t share the zeal some have for ECPA reform, to change the requirements to search emails on third party servers, I think the whole project is at worst harmless so long as FISA is preserved.

As much as a broad free trade area would be great, I begin to wonder whether the Trans-Pacific Partnership has been hijacked by special interests, and so must fail. I mean, this “threat to Internet freedom” stuff is likely overblown, but the treaty is likely being used to try to ram stuff through that could never pass as ordinary legislation.

Looks like Jim Sensenbrenner is not happy with Mike Rogers and Dianne Feinstein when it comes to the NSA.

Looks like the Democrats are getting testy about Obamaphone now that, you know, it’s been proven to be a massive scam.

AT&T is betting people don’t care about privacy, and I can’t imagine they’ll lose that bet.

Ireland won’t produce the head of a massive child pornography ring on the Tor network (part of the axis of cyberanarchy along with Bitcoin), but I’m hoping they’ll extradite.

Creeping regulation watch: It’s funny when people say they want to ‘legalize’ something, when they want to create a raft of new regulations instead. We must not pass a “gambling legalization” bill that creates more and bigger government. Why would we do that? Legalize it, or not. we could repeal the Wire Act with the stroke of a pen. We don’t need regulations to do that. The fact that we’re creating regulations tells us we’re trying to prop up some businesses over others, and that’s corrupt. No wonder Harry Reid is big on legalization.

Apparently in Germany you can be come after for merely watching infringing copyrighted streams.

The Pirate Bay continues to run from the law. Run, runner. You will be caught, just like your founders that were tried and convicted.

Surprise! The Obama administration is trying to hold us back in the 20th century by hindering the IP revolution, the necessary transition our communications infrastructure needs to make to new technologies. Idiots.

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