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Coordination stops the bad guys online. That’s why The Democrats are wrong in their push for a power grab, led by Barack Obama. We just need better information sharing. Pass CISPA or SECURE IT. Not Lieberman-Collins, the former Internet Kill Switch bill.

because the problems with the bill Have never been about privacy. They’ve been about property rights and the role of government. So I’m thinking the Chamber of Commerce has it right here. Information sharing. I can tolerate a boondoggle of research and development for if we get the right stuff on information sharing.

It’s not just new right-wing FCC commissioner Ajit Pai making waves with comments. New left-wing commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel is talking about supporting incentive auctions allowing for legacy spectrum users to voluntarily putting up their spectrum for auction, using sound economic principles to make the most efficient use of a limited resource. And better, she’s including government, not just private users, in this concept.

Peter Thiel reminds me of an angry, bitter Internet poster saying nasty things in reply to a post just because he can, getting uppity with a big name to make himself feel good. Only he did it in person. Look, I’m not at all a fan of Eric Schmidt, but if these quotes are representative, it sounds like Thiel was taunting more than he was debating. The monopoly stuff is particularly weak. Does Thiel even understand the Intertubes?

Weird story of the day, and I saw it from two sources so I’m assuming it’s real: Chuckie Schumer of all people realizes that government picks winners and losers, pointing out that if the government comes after Apple’s iBooks too hard, then Amazon gains. Good, Senator, now apply it everywhere else you people on the far left operate.

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