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I know, it’s not Monday, but Monday was Labor day so we’re doing it Tuesday. Besides, I’ve only done one a week lately anyway, so does it really matter?

Time and again we see people going on the Internet and dealing with shady folks, seeking to profit, only to find out those shady folks operated in shady ways, and hurt them instead! Ha.

All those criminal enterprises are finding Tor isn’t as great as they thought at protecting against government. I love it.

Edward Snowden, ally of dictator-in-training Vladimir Putin, turns out to be diminishing liberty at home and abroad with his actions.

People evading Apple’s copy protection have gotten hit with an iPhone key logger.

A pirate pornography app is blackmailing its users. Trojan software that blackmails you is becoming more common by the way as it gets easier to make. Thanks in large part to Bitcoin, the point I made and the Bitcoiners howled about. But truth is truth.

So it turns out federal agents stole $1.2 million in Bitcoin seized from drug dealers, and how did they lose the cash? They got caught after converting back into US dollars. Good thing they didn’t keep it in Bitcoin or we could never get that much cash back from them.

Why does Comcast get a monopoly for landline cable in so many markets? Local government splits the monopolist’s rents with Comcast. Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.

Now FCC wants to regulate software. Remember when Net Neutrality was going to be a light touch and all that? They just can’t help themselves. Everything they can regulate, they try to regulate. So just watch as Net Neutrality goes too far, fast.

Ed Meese has joined the conservative chorus against comprehensive patent reform.

Whilst Google gathers all the data about you it can, Apple is trying to store less about you on its servers.

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