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BitTorrent is a technology that distributes data faster by enlisting the bandwidth of downloaders in order to serve more downloads. That’s well and good for legitimate users, however the technology has been used heavily by copyright infringement rings.

The latest scheme, “Popcorn Time”, is under heavy attack as copyright holders and the law strike back.

I’m all for this. Movie studios have a right to do this, and I think it’s the most legitimate exercise of copyright there is, civil action. And the civil actions are growing. Though I’m not exactly crying about arrests in Denmark.

Shot: FTC suing corporations for getting hacked. Chaser: 22 million impacted in OPM hack. Bonus: Government can’t even run computers competently.

In Rhodesia, the newspapers would protest censorship by leaving white spaces where the government had ordered them to remove stories. It became such a humiliation of the government that they then passed a law prohibiting that. The UK is now learning from Rhodesia and wanting to order the censorship of Google’s reports about ordered censorship in the UK.

Comprehensive patent reform is a bad idea, and conservatives should get that instinctively at this point.

A rare bit of FCC doing good, fining firms who commit denial of service attacks on personal Wifi hotspots.

Victory for Ted Cruz: Obama has given up for this year on handing the Internet over to Russia and China.

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