Tech at Night: Dueling bills on patents and sales tax

On June 16, 2015, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

It’s never a good sign when a piece of legislation is a major priority for lobbyists, but that’s what comprehensive patent reform is. It’s time ACU and HAFA scored against it.

So the fight is on for the Sales Tax stuff. The Senate is still pushing terrible stuff from last time, and Goodlatte is trying to force seller-pays nationally. But Chaffetz has a bill that’s simpler and fixes the problem. It’s based on the Streamlined Sales Tax stuff I’ve talked about all along. Single auditing authority, only applies at 1 million in sales by full implementation, and sales tax remains a consumption tax.

I would question some details. I’d say it should only apply if your previous year hit that figure, so that you aren’t surprised needlessly. But that can be fixed.

Obama might want to hand the Internet over to Russia but Senate Republicans want to add oversight.

Obamaphone! It’s a program full of fraud but the administration wants to keep it. Of course.

In a world with the Chevron deference doctrine it was unlikely that we’d get a stay against Net Neutrality. We didn’t get it, but that doesn’t mean we’ll lose in the long run.

So we’ve got the administration wanting to regulate not just cybersecurity and disclosures, but the whole Internet, but they can’t even keep secure. Remember all those times when the Democrats played blame the victim when Sony and Target got attacked? Weird that nobody’s blaming Obama now, eh?

Remember how Snodwen and the Glenns Greenwald were all about freedom and openness? Now they’re using the DMCA to shut down critics. Heh.

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