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Anarchy is back. The last time anarchy was a noticeable political movement in the world, bomb throwing anarchists were killing heads of state and government leaders, as part of their scheme to take the whole system down, and impose socialist rule. Of course they claimed socialist rule didn’t really count as rule, because ideology.

Well, these days world leaders are much better protected, so instead the anarchists are going after websites and just trying to disrupt, particularly online. We must be mindful of this, create cybersecurity policies that let government and industry share information (through bills like CISA), and make sure to investigate and prosecute these crimes.

Anonymous, a cellular network of anarchists similar to Al Qaeda, went after some websites, as usual. Website hacks usually aren’t as big a deal as they want you to think, as xkcd points out, but they still cost time and money, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (no matter how much complaining we get from the crowd using Aaron Swartz’s suicide as political prop).

Anonymous was previously involved in attacks on Sony’s Playstation Network, attempting to steal money from credit cards of those who shopped on the service.

But now new attacks on PSN and a tweeted threat against the plane carrying a Sony subsidiary’s President have been carried out by a new ideological group Lizard Squad. These anarchists want to “End the greed” of “yet another large company,” by making mindless destructive attacks. Anarchism’s pattern since the beginning.

Investigate the attacks. Prosecute the offenders. We should even do what we used to do 100 years ago, and deny entry to the US by foreign anarchists, and to expel foreign anarchists who are already here. Anarchy is a movement as hostile to our way of life as Communism, and far more aggressive. We must act.

Make no mistake, leftist and left-libertarian tech policy are all about power. Net Neutrality is about growing government power. Local socialized Internet is about FCC taking power from the states. Title II Reclassification is about price controls on the Internet. We must oppose all of it.

Heck, FCC can’t even run a simple auction without mucking it up by trying to pick winners and losers.

Mergers don’t have the effects you think in cable. You see, cable is already a monopoly in virtually every market, so a merger doesn’t matter, at all. So there’s no legitimate reason for government to grow to stop the Comcast/ Time Warner Cable deal.

Lamar Alexander has forgotten 9/11.

Reddit Bitcoiners are dominated by idiots who think Bitcoin should be above the law and worse, don’t even know how to make their own wallets, a core Bitcoin feature. And worse, Bitcoiners are now forming a PAC.

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