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I’ve taken some criticism for saying over and over again in this space, that kids don’t belong on the Internet (unsupervised and uncontrolled really), and that classrooms should not have Internet access introduced. The basic problem is that unfettered Internet access brings bullies and predators to kids. It also means pornography will just keep popping up, and there’s no way to fix that with these uncontrolled environments. It’s just not worth the risks.

Have you quit using Mozilla Firefox yet? It’s time to switch, yet again, as Mozilla has taken an extremist political position for no real reason except that the project has been completely hijacked by radical ideologues. Not only are they for zombie Net Neutrality, they’re claiming the Obama FCC isn’t going far enough. Lunacy.

Look, it doesn’t really matter what browser you use: MS Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Chromium, Google Chrome Opera, or w3m. Just switch to anything that doesn’t fund this left-wing outlet.

Even when nobody’s getting harassed, school Internet access is a disruption.

Various tech firms keep bragging about how they’re sticking it to The Man at NSA in order to protect your privacy, but watch what the other hand is doing: ignoring the Do Not Track flag is a way firms like Yahoo and Google sell out your privacy to the highest bidder.

Mister Market will handle cybersecurity better than Big Government, as we’re seeing with Target.

Blocking aside some more spectrum for unlicensed WiFi use makes good sense, even if government spectrum policy at present is pretty terrible, looking out for favored firms and not the public at large. But picking winners and losers is what we’ve come to expect from Barack Obama. Corrupt big government.

The founders set copyright to 14 years, with one 14 year renewal. By 1909 it became 28 years, with a 28 year renewal. However under heavy influence from Hollywood, and Disney in particular, we’ve seen a crazy increase in the duration of copyright, to the present max of 120 years for corporate works, or life + 70 years for individuals. This is just so far beyond any common sense. Copyright is probably the most violated law in the land today. It’s just so excessive that people don’t respect it, and that degrades the rule of law. I like copyright, I want it preserved, so that’s why I support reasonable copyright reform to bring it back toward a Constitutional perspective of a limited duration.

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