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So even as Democrats try to distract from critical oversight issues by making angry noises about AT&T and DirecTV, Republicans aren’t taking the bait and instead are applying proper oversight to the FCC. Because you see, while the radicals make false anti-“fast lane” arguments for their Title II Reclassification alternative, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s Zombie Net Neutrality is still a power grab. It’s a power grab that the Democrat-run press is colluding to allow, buddy-buddy with pro-Net Neutrality corporate lobbyists such as Google’s.

But we need data caps. Well, data caps are a misleading term. What we need is metered Internet usage. Comcast will eventually push ahead with it, though at first only the most ridiculous data usage will be affected. Metered usage gives ISPs and incentive to give us faster service, because faster service lets us rack up greater usage. You see? The incentives match. It’s the same with fast lanes. When ISPs can make more money by building faster access, they will do it.

I’ve said all along that I disagree both with the PPA poker regulation plan, as well as with the Sheldon Adelson federal poker ban. Gambling is rightfully a state matter. We’re in a situation now where Washington has banned poker for residents of that state, New Jersey is legalizing poker for its residents, and so on. No more one size fits all regulation. We’ve had enough of that under Obama.

China and Russia won’t stop attacking us no matter how much book peddlers like the Glenns Greenwald, and secret peddlers like Edward Snowden push for unilateral disarmament of the NSA, just like the spies and fellow travelers during the Cold War pushed for unilateral nuclear disarmament.

Bitcoin remains a magnet for the scum of the Earth. It’s always about theft, drugs, and sex trafficking with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is pseudonymous, not anonymous. Its biggest value is to criminals, because government cannot reverse illegitimate transactions. Honest people who want their property rights protected have to reject this anarchic system, because under anarchy there are no rights except that might makes right.

Over the weekend at RedState: was Brendan Eich removed from Mozilla to appease Hollywood, who wanted the open-source Mozilla project to include closed-source DRM software that Eich opposed?

If we listen to Fred Campbell, it sounds like broadcasting is a fragile business. Not only do they get a government monopoly on their spectrum, but they get all sorts of special arrangements with respect to content, including a government-created monopoly with respect to cable providers. If terrestrial broadcasting cannot stand without so many regulatory props, then why should they be in business at all? Why are we picking winners and losers here?

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