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They told me that if I voted for Mitt Romney, that corporations with ties to the President would offshore billions of dollars to avoid paying taxes! Did Obama and Schmidt even feel guilty as Obama said one thing, while working with Google who was doing the opposite?

Because remember: as I’ve been saying all along, The global Internet regulations the ITU is threatening are in the spirit of the Obama- and Schmidt-backed Internet regulations we’ve seen the last four years!

And let’s be clear: the Obama administration isn’t done regulating now that the second term is coming.

CLECS, aka competitive local phone companies, want more regulation of the Internet and are using a nifty code word for it: “packet mode.” They want you to think Internet communications are just like voice communications, just sending data packets instead of voice signals. Cool story, bros, but that’s contradicting the bipartisan Telecommunications Act 1996 that deregulated, and helped foster the Internet boom creating jobs and prosperity.

So let’s just hope that FCC gets pulled back in the Net Neutrality case, because the Open Internet order really should be ruled as outside the body’s statutory scope.

I like to see that House Republicans like Greg Walden are supporting FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, who understands the need for regulations to lay off and let innovation happen, including the IP revolution of bringing phone service up to Internet-era standards.

Government is dictating black boxes in cars by regulatory fiat. Let’s call it Car Neutrality.

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