Fiorina calls out Boxer and Obama on border security

On July 1, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens

In the past some have questioned Carly Fiorina’s commitment to securing the border from the invasion of illegal aliens, but she’s issued a strong statement challenging Babs Boxer and Barry Obama on their “cynical” disregard for our nation’s security. A key highlight:

“The President talked about accountability in his speech. It is true – more accountability is needed, and that starts with the federal government’s being accountable for fulfilling its most basic responsibility to secure our border. It takes the commitment and the political will to get it done. Instead, with a call for comprehensive immigration reform in exchange for securing the border, the President is using the safety of this nation as a political bartering chip. It is cynical politics at its worst.

I know that certain people in the Republican party oppose all immigration, and that fringe is going to fly into a fit because Fiorina favors having a “functional guest worker program” with or without a path to citizenship in combination with securing the boarder and “enforcement of laws prohibiting the employment of illegal immigrants.” But I believe that green left-isolationist right Numbers USA coalition is a fringe we need to ignore in order to solve what the problems are. Immigration isn’t the problem. Rampant breaking of the law is a problem. The insecurity of our border is a problem.

But to me she’s clearly and strongly calling for things to be done right. Securing the border is an imperative. Enforcement of the previous immigration compromise is an imperative. Only when those happen can we talk about “guest workers.”

Carly Fiorina is right. Barbara Boxer is wrong. Fiorina must win in November.

Nima Jooyandeh facts.