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Rand Paul wants you to think that large-scale data mining on (publicly available) metadata is a horrible thing, and a massive threat to your privacy. Even when that data gathering is done with a warrant.

So it shows just how disingenuous his whole stunt was, that he’s doing his own privacy-threatning database building. His supporters have been duped. He was grandstanding with the national interest in order to support his Presidential campaign.

FCC may get tougher on robocalls, which would be welcome for everyone but politicians. Interesting balance of interests there.

Though it’s always good to see Obama’s overreaching FCC getting oversight, this time on the Obamaphone subsidy program.

Well this is interesting: Chuck Grassley got ambushed on patents and didn’t know his own bill? Yet more proof big bills are bad ideas.

On May 13 (a while back now, but I just heard of it) Amazon put up some great testimony before a House Judiciary Subcommittee on ICANN governance. They pointed out that top level domain management is a big reason to question the ‘multistakeholder’ proposal that is an alternative to US stewardship of Internet freedom worldwide.

Do you trust other countries not to stick it to America? If we leave a power vacuum, someone will fill it. Just look at Iraq or eastern Europe.

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