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So the US Congress is debating whether to renew the part of the USA PATRIOT act that ensures NSA can watch the communications of foreign terror cells that set up shop in the US, and communicate back home with their terror networks. That’s a good debate to have. We need to debate legislation before passing it.

Well, now an judge is trying to short circuit that. And I guess Rand Paul isn’t a fan of debate either because he’s now a fan of that kind of judicial supremacy.

What a shame. I thought he was a Founding Fathers kind of guy. I guess he’s a Living Constitution type. It’s pretty bad that Paul is left of John McCain even, on this.

Remember when they went after Rick Perry for allegedly being a big cronyist? Well I’m sure the lefty press will be all after the Obama administration any day now, right? When Netflix is getting preferential treatment as it makes demands and lobbies for favors, even when its lobbying is, as usual, based on untruths.

Netflix has been lying about throttling all along, and it’s a shame we can’t have debates based on truth and facts.

This is an interesting post. I don’t entirely agree with it but note the bit about the number of patents granted way up. That, to me, remains the core problem here. There’s no way there’s that many more actual inventions going on. If we want to protect small business we need to attack the anti-competitive patent factories the big firms like Intel, Google, and IBM have going, and the patent pipeline that the trolls abuse. That way the honest inventions by the little guys won’t get drowned out in the noise, and we’ll relieve the pressure on the system that’s resulting in the push for comprehensive patent reform.

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