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I think many people know that Google has been developing technology to be able to detect known child pornography images. You see, child pornographers tend to ‘trade’ photos around, so the same photos end up being possessed by many of them. Therefore, there is value in creating software that can create ‘hashes’ or a unique mathematical fingerprint, of known images captured from previous criminals. Google has been working on this.

Well, it turns out they’re using it to make sure nobody’s using their resources to break the law by distributing child pornography using their servers.

This goes back to the same issue we’ve discussed previously with the ECPA email privacy law. When you place your data on someone else’s server, that is not the same thing as keeping your data on your own property, and the law must recognize this.

There’s no way Google is not entirely in its rights to scan for child pornography on its servers and turn in the offenders. After all, whenever Google services are used to break the law, they end up getting blamed, such as when people advertise illegal drugs.

As an aside, it’s amazing to look at the comments at this anarchist site Daily Dot all worried about the poor child pornographers, because they seem to think that if we don’t have a right to abuse someone else’s servers to participate in child abuse, then apparently we have no rights left.

Edward Snowden has aided the terrorists.

China is also continuing the Snowden-driven propaganda war on America.

FCC at this point is choosing to regulate what it wants, when it wants, with no controls. It’s insane that we’re now seeing FCC attempting to regulate phone apps that aren’t even using the telephone grid.

It’s time we started firing and taking pensions, or even jailing, cops who attempt to harass or intimidate people who film them on duty. They think they’re above the law on this, and that’s dangerous. We give cops specific liberties we don’t give ordinary people. They must not be allowed to abuse this willfully.

We need to start eliminating regulatory bodies. It’s crazy that FAA is seeking to end the irrational, nanny state ban on phone use on planes, only for another regulator to jump in. We need to narrow the scope of each regulator to end this overlap.

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