Tech at Night: A second look at Edward Snowden?

On June 23, 2014, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

So before considering the new garbage coming from Эдвард Сноуден and his accomplices the Glenns Greenwald, let’s recap how far we’ve come with this pair.

The NSA has demonstrated that Snowden never did go through official channels with his alleged evidence of problems, and we certainly know he never did attempt to use legal means to alert the President or the Congress that there were issues at the NSA that needed investigation.

Instead, he ran to China, taking sensitive information with him and putting it at risk of being taken by America’s adversary, then he went to Russia and did the same thing. Then he conspired with serial sock puppeteer and extremist blowhard the Glenns Greenwald to dribble out information, most of it totally unrelated to any allegations of Constitutional or legal violations.

For example, revealing which European countries were spying on Russia in coordination with the NSA is so far out of bounds of any conceivable protection of Americans, it cannot be said by any credible observer that Edward Snowden is anything but a turncoat and spy against America at this point.

Meanwhile the Greenwalds have a book coming out. Instead of “doing journalism” as he claims he’s doing, while attacking American troops, he’s following the processes that are needed in order to generate hype to sell books.

Notice how now these new revelations include “Germany’s cooperation with the NSA.” What a perfect way for Snowden and Greenwald to get back at Germany for not letting Snowden move there from Russia, to make something up in order to attack the German government.

You have to be a complete rube to take anything these clowns say at face value. I’m sorry, but the uncritical fawning this guy gets in some circles is gullible with a capital G.

It’s interesting to see how the evidence is coming out about Net Neutrality. Big bucks are funding the radical left organizations, and we know and we know where that money’s coming from, in order to push the Net Neturality agenda. They’re even screaming racism.

FCC is coming down hard on cell phone jamming. Which is good, I think. I bet terrorists would love to use that stuff in the vicinity of an attack.

AT&T is making the case for government to butt out of its latest merger attempt.

Edward Snowden’s allies in Russia are going to censor the Internet even more.

The Big Lie of the left right now is that American Internet is terrible. But make no mistake, it’s a lie.

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