Good portable games

On October 20, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

When I’m out, I have my iPod and my Blackberry with me usually, not my DS. So if I’m stuck waiting somewhere unexpectedly, games for those could be of value. Here’s a few I ran into this week that fit the bill:

  • rRootage: It’s in the Apps Store for the iPod and iPhone. Your ship at the bottom, wave after wave of bosses coming at you, and lots of bullets to dodge. It’s as very highly refined version of the spaceship shooting games of old. It has four different modes too, based on other games. I’m so far fond of the ika (Ikaruga) mode, where there are two colors of bullets, and two matching modes you can put your ship in. Bullets that match your current mode are absorbed and fired at your enemy. Bullets that don’t match you, kill you as always.
  • Dweller is a game in the Rogue/Hack tradition written for J2ME, so it runs on a Blackberry. I’ve played it little but it seems playable enough while waiting for something. It’s not Angband or even Nethack, but until I get a good ssh client for the Blackberry, it’ll do.
  • Video Poker. Actually Mike Kohn has a whole set of J2ME apps, but the video poker one to me seems the best suited to the task.

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