Fred Thompson backs Lindsey Graham

On October 21, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens
Fred Thompson

Regular readers know I was on the Fred Thompson train from long before his exploratory committee came out. I was behind him when the chances seemed slim that he would enter the race. I was behind him when he led the national polls. I was behind him when his campaign stalled and collapsed. I was behind him when he formed a Political Action Committee to influence the party in the right way.

I question that position now, though. FredPAC has a list of candidates now, and while there are some fine conservatives on that list, in my view there is one name that balances out the rest of the list:

That name is Lindsey Graham.

Lindsey Graham at La Raza

Well, technically the page says Lindsay Graham, but proofreading aside, the senior senator from South Carolina has no business being endorsed by a conservative, particularly one who attempted to make securing the borders a key issue in his Presidential campaign. Not when the Senator goes to racist hate groups like La Raza and refers to conservative Republican opponents of illegal immigration as ‘bigots.’ When Republicans like Graham give cover to the far left, and echo their rhetoric, it undermines us all. Graham fuels the ‘conservatives are bigots’ line that then gets used against us in other debates later. Such statements poison our national discourse with their untruth, and should never be used.

Fred Thompson, if you’re reading this, please take Senator Graham off your list. Backing him is not the way to rally the conservative grass roots. Backing him is not the way to improve the Republican Party in Washington. Thank you.


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