How Obama treats us and how we treat Obama

On October 19, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

By now it’s become a Known Fact™ that supporters of Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin shout nasty things about Senator Barack Obama at rallies, and have gone so far as to call for the Democratic nominee’s death. Obama has even attacked McCain for it.

This of course means it’s not true. The Secret Service is as non-partisan a group as you will find, and they deny it. Why didn’t Obama ask them before spouting off, as Newsweek’s Mark Hosenball did for the magazine’s October 27 issue:

[E]ven before Obama cited ‘reports’ of the threats at the debate, the U.S. Secret Service had told media outlets, including NEWSWEEK, that it was unable to corroborate accounts of the ‘kill him’ remarks – and according to a law-enforcement official, who asked for anonymity when discussing a political matter, the Obama campaign knew as much.

Obama in the last debate attempted to shame McCain for the alleged behavior of Republican supporters. Will Obama now claim responsibility for how his supporters treat Palin? Because there are pictures of misbehavior for him to apologize for and condemn, if he wants.

Or will Obama deny what Gateway Pundit found (be warned that the pictures are not family friendly): organized Obama supporters wearing the same t-shirt, with unmistakable bold green lettering calling Sarah Palin a crude sexual epithet I will not repeat here. Others holding signs used expletives to show a distaste for women who show an interest in sports. Presumably in Barack Obama’s America, women who are Governors and care about hockey just are not welcome, so that’s why the Obamanauts are getting in Palin’s face on command.

Again, it wasn’t just one lone person. This was an organized movement. Will Obama apply to himself the ‘logic’ he applied to McCain, and take full responsibility for whipping up in his supporters a sentiment of hostility towards women? After all, his critics claim he’s been using coded language against women since the primary races against Senator Hillary Clinton.

Are you creating a climate of hostility toward women who step out of the home, Senator Obama? If so, when will you stop? If not, when will you return the money of those who do, and throw them out of any volunteer or paid position within your and your party’s campaign efforts?


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