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I know it’s been a while since we talked about it but Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet is coming. It’s a terrible plan and we’ve got to stop it.

It’s not helping the Internet. After all, this same administration decided against search neutrality. Why pick winners and losers this way? I’ll leave you to guess why the thing Google didn’t want, didn’t get done, and the thing Google wanted, got done.

It’s also illegal. A really great and true argument against the President’s plan to regulate the Internet is that it violates the First Amendment. Free speech applies to everyone, even ISPs.

Here’s the latest proof nobody really cares about privacy: begging to pay for Facebook instead of having ad tracking going on. Someone who actually thought having personal information sold to the highest bidder by Facebook was a problem, would stop using Facebook. Duh.

It’s just like how, if the greenies really thought that Global Warming was coming and caused by man, they’d stop living in giant homes and jetting around the world. Duh.

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