Tech at Night

Mike O’Rielly continues to do outstanding work, joining Ajit Pai in exposing the dangerous lack of transparency the Obama administration has shown. This is pretty bad. What does the FCC have to hide?

Ajit Pai is urging the fight to go on, too. “In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, never confuse a single defeat for a final defeat,” he says.

And the fight must go on because it’s shameful how Obama’s plan is picking winners and losers. Net Neutrality is replacing free markets with command economy. It’s like the old Soviet days, where bureaucrats in Moscow would dictate how every factory in the USSR would operate.

So Google is going to make value judgements about content now, which is interesting.

HALLIBURTON, oh wait. Google, Amazon, Twitter. Gee, all working with Obama, and who’s getting their way on Title II Reclassification?

In patent news, apparently Democrat Chris Coons is going to do his own bill. Note that his bill is meant to address the problems with Obama’s last bill. This administration is terrible.

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