Tech at Night

So Obama’s secret plan to regulate the Internet, the one that we weren’t allowed to see what was in it until it was passed, is finally out, and it’s anti-free speech, anti-innovation, and illegal. It was sold as one thing, but there’s a whole iceberg of problems beneath.

It’s just a bad idea to apply depression-era phone and telegraph regulations to a an Internet decades later that works vastly differently.

Comcast agreed to be bound by Net Neutrality years ago in the NBC Universal deal. Comcast went all-in backing Net Neutrality during the recent fight. But the radical left is going to fight them on Time Warner anyway. I think they’re going to be surprised about this. The radicals cannot be reasoned with.

Meanwhile, the Obama FCC is also all-in for actual socialized Internet. They really, truly want Obamanet. Ask Robert McChesney.

This is your reminder that rapist Julian Assange is still a fugitive from justice, even as criminals like Bradley Manning face prison time for allying with him.

Democrats continue to want to blame the victim of online attacks.

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