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Before the FCC’s vote on Barack Obama’s secret plan to regulate the Internet, Netflix was the golden boy of the Net Neutrality movement. They were constantly cited as the reason we needed regulation, and Netflix played it up, hoping winners and losers would be chosen.

Well now it turns out, even Netflix opposes Obama’s plan.

The entire time, over the whole Net Neutrality fight, we were lied to. Nothing was honest about it, nothing was given at face value. It was all a lie. The real goal, held by key FCC staffer Gigi Sohn, formerly of Public Knowledge*, was the growth of government toward socialized Internet.

That’s why the very same FCC this week pushed for FCC, by fiat, to overturn all state laws banning socialized Internet at the city level. This is pure socialism.

* The group that once, falsely and without evidence, accused me of being in the pay of AT&T even as they were in the pay of George Soros.

Speaking of picking winners and losers, Democrats are gunning for Uber by demanding fingerprints. Funny how members of Congress are even more important, but nobody suggests we fingerprint them like criminals. This is insane.

Time to reset the Vox self-beclowning clock back to zero. Vox doesn’t get copyright.

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