Tech at Night: Net Neutrality Update

On February 17, 2015, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

Ah, Net Neutrality. The thing that America is being lied to, and is worse than even Ajit Pai thought. The thing that they’ve been telling us for years was necessary and good, even in comments at RedState, but has been revealed to be nothing but a packet of lies motivated by big government, they’re working to bring it.

Let’s explore just how wrong it is.

Mike Wendy makes a great point: the longer a law, the more likely it is to be terrible. At 332 pages, Net Neutrality is more like ARRA/Stimulus or PPACA/Obamacare, than any good law we’ve ever heard of.

American Internet is better than you think, meaning the whole premise was flawed. No really, for comparable situations we have better speeds driven by better investment, and investment is what Net Neutrality threatens. FCC is simply not telling the truth, as we saw with their recent rigged re-definition of “broadband” to “ultra HD” speeds..

We need more bandwidth all the time, and we need innovative ways to pay for it. Even Google admits that.

Even libertine hero Rand Paul sees the problem.

So let’s hope there’s some bite to this bark from Republicans. Now let me cut you off now: I don’t want to hear any pre-emptive pessimism. At least contact your representatives before writing them off. This is important, and defeatism is not helpful or welcomed.

Ted Cruz gets it.

These Democrats can’t even make good passwords and yet they want to regulate cybersecurity disclosures? Please.

I’m trying to give a fair airing of the points made by opponents of patent troll reform. I want to respect the need to protect patents, since I know some patent reformers do want to go too far and weaken some legitimate patents, like software patents. But at the same time, when you’re arguing against tort reform concepts Republicans have been backing for years, like loser pays, I’m not persuaded, nor do words like “junk science”, which are routinely hurled against conservatives, convincing me.

There has to be a way forward on patents that drives a stake through the trial lawyer lobby abusing both the patent system and the bad patents themselves awarded by a USPTO that grows its budget by every fee it collects. That way forward has to start with putting USPTO on a fixed budget. We can fix the process without jeopardizing legitimate patents. We can protect innovators threatened by patent trolls without harming good patents. We don’t have to rob Peter to pay Paul.

Surprise! FAA’s drone regulations are targeting Amazon, continuing the trend of every single Obama regulator trying to pick winners and losers.

Would more Republicans favor interstate sales taxes if they were paired with income tax cuts? Obviously not in non-sales-tax states, but that’s why we need to exclude them from any interstate sales tax deal.

It’s always interesting to me to watch CWA buck the left-wing line on mergers because mergers that grow firms they’ve unionized, help their bottom line.

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