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By ignoring federalism and imposing the option of socialized Internet nationwide, Tom Wheeler, FCC Chairman, says he’s sending a ‘clear message’. He’s right. He’s sending a message of socialism

Combine that with the coming takeover of the Internet, and it’s a terrible situation.

It’s not hard to imagine the future of a regulated Internet under Obama’s secret plan. So to be hit with the double whammy of Title II Reclassification and mandated state-run Internet is sad news.

I remember when the worst thing FCC did was rig auctions to pick winners and losers.

In other news, coffee drinkers are smarter than video game players as they’re fleeing DRM, while the video game players don’t.

Anarchists attacking anarchists as the new Pirate Bay has a problem with malicious users. Though some sites won’t even get to keep their domains, heh.

As an aside, that’s why we can’t let ICANN – a basic organizational element of the Internet – go ‘multistakeholder’ instead of US government-managed. Imagine Russia with that power.

Banning cryptography makes us all less secure. It’s like gun control. It’s exactly like gun control.

On patents, I find it interesting that on one hand, they tell us patent trolls don’t exist. On the other hand, they tell us we don’t need patent troll legislation because patent troll lawsuits are off of their peak. Which is it?

Patent troll legislation is coming, though. So what we need to do, instead of pretending patent trolls don’t exist, is make a smart, sophisticated compromise that protects innovation on both sides, both for legitimate patent holders and firms being sued by illegitimate patent holders.

Speaking of legitimate patent holders, this IEEE WiFi patent business seems so shady.

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