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Time and again we see calls for government to take the wheel. In fact in “It can’t happen here,” the fairy tale of a fascist takeover of America, their version of the swastika was a ship’s wheel, representing government’s control over economy and society.

Every time there’s a call for regulation, ask what they want control of, and why.

Drones are getting regulated, seeking to throttle a new, developing technology. Technology empowers the common man, which cannot be tolerated by the totalitarians. Drone control makes them happy in the same way gun control does.

Encryption makes them uncomfortable. We had this fight before under Bill Clinton, when his administration pushed for government ability to read all encrypted data, in the Clipper escrowed encryption program. The ability to protect your data is something they want to remove.

And yes, they keep pushing Net Neutrality, but it’s all about stifling innovation and giving government the wheel over what ideas are allowed and what aren’t.

Some of us believe a threat is a threat, but the morons at ACLU are defending a man who threatened his wife on Facebook. Apparently the argument is ‘LOL Internet’. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.

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