Tech at Night: The Future is Subsidized Data

On October 28, 2014, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

As much as the extreme left wants you to fear anything other than a socialist Internet, Obamacare-style where your only choices are government dictated, the future is in innovation like subsidized data.

The fact is, government will always make this stuff worse if we try to “fix” it.

I mean look, it’s funny how some people think government is the solution to every problem there is. And while Carly Fiorina is right that corporations must resist the call that greater regulation and controls are the answer regarding ‘global warming,’ the fact is this is true in other industries too.

Globowarmism, Net Neutrality, Common Core, Marriage Equality. It goes by many names but it’s always code for centralized, big government control over your life.

This is exactly right: The Internet of Things is a bad idea because we have no reason to trust random companies to produce top-notch software and maintain it for 20 years.

Google scares more people than the NSA, which makes sense, as Google has more of your data.

Has another traitor been caught?

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