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The Global Warming fraudsters have to cheat their data in order to ‘hide the decline’ of temperatures. Likewise, it’s turning out that the left is going to have to cheat in order to make it look like American Internet competition is terrible. they’re going to do this by cheating the definitions by changing them mid-stream, in order to create a decline. Liars all, the Net Neturality/Universal Broadband left.

Uf you want to see the truth though, it’s Net Neutrality that actually harms Internet access, as seen in Chile.

Got him: Two year fugitive from justice Peter Sunde has been captured and will be made to serve his eight month sentence for his work co-founding and running the Pirate Bay.

Speaking of anarchists, here are some dumb ones: the 4chan Anonymous crowd plans to fight “income inequality” by… attacking firms that are investing in poor countries for the World Cup. Brilliant!

Meanwhile the Justice Department is after more online criminals. Good thing we have an NSA to slip them any info they can.

Well this is interesting. Local broadcasters are fighting against the idea that they should have to obey copyrights and pay the same licensing fees the rest of us have to pay, including online competitors like Pandora. Well it turns out broadcasters are helping out their legislative allies by giving them free airtime in an election year in the form of PSA appearances. Interesting.

Эдвард Сноуден needs to understand that being frogmarched and put in prison is part of coming home. He did the crime, now he has to do the time, just like fellow anarchist criminals Bradley Manning and Aaron Swartz.

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