Tech at Night

It’s neat how the New York Times is dredging up an old NSA website as news. I guess it beats writing about Obamacare breakins or Benghazi.

And it’s interesting how Democrats don’t seem to want to dig into the or Benghazi failures but seem ready to blame Target for crimes against them.

So the Obama administration wants us to believe that taking gun databases from the states is legal, is legal, but NSA is illegal. Sure, buddy.

FCC is finally set to repeal sports blackout regulations. This is the right thing to do. If NFL wants blackouts, let NFL enforce them with private contracts. They’re big boys at the NFL. They don’t need nanny state giving them a subsidy like that.

So the Weather Channel wants the rules changed to favor it in the marketplace, because it’s not getting its way. They want government to force DirecTV to carry Weather Channel at a price chosen by Weather Channel. That’s not freedom. Think about that. That’s insane. They want to create a Weather Channel individual mandate here, because yes, DirecTV will have to pass that cost on to the rest of us, and so will all other TV providers.

The Net Neuties don’t even make sense anymore. It’s like they don’t even understand what their own point is anymore.

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