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Again, I’m sympathetic to the idea behind the new California ban in ‘revenge porn’, but ultimately this isn’t going to work, and it’s just going to give a false sense of security to the recklessly promiscuous. Just like the ‘eraser button’ for minors California passed, it’s a dangerously ineffective idea.

Big news: even as some people try to build a new distributed secure chat network, the old distributed secure communications network is continuing to fall apart. Tor has not protected Silk Road, whose creator is going to jail. It will be interesting to see if Bitcoin’s price falls as a result of the end of a major Bitcoin hub of illegal activity.

Dianne Feinstein and Patrick Leahy are going to fight over the NSA. Pass the popcorn. Remember: Feinstein is one of California‘s Senators, and it’s California firms leading the push for FISA statistical transparency!

We were right about Obamaphone: it’s a program filled with fraud.

Media Freedom reminds us during the ‘government shutdown’ that here’s a convicted felon for Edward Snowden. Blaming Bush, of course.

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