Tech at Night: Weekend Update

On June 6, 2015, in General, by Neil Stevens

Good post by Moe Lane on Edward Snowden and the Glenns Greenwald. Snowden is now outraged that NSA would target foreign (read: Russian) hackers.

Gee, who’s paying his rent again?

Facebook felt stung by Tim Cook, but is missing the point. The sale of gathered personal data is the problem Cook and some others have, not the ads in themselves.

Same goes for Larry Page. Ad blocking isn’t the issue. Note that Google ignores the Do Not Track flag browsers send servers, requesting that no user tracking be done. This is what Google opposes.

Weird that FCC is loosening its grip on cable even as it tightens its grip on the Internet.

Comprehensive patent reform passed Senate committee. Not good, like every other ‘comprehensive’ bill.

Last Congress Democrats stalled the internet tax moratorium now being passed again. Will they filibuster in the Senate?

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