Tech at Night: Monday roundup

On August 19, 2014, in General, by Neil Stevens
Tech at Night

Yeah, I was all set to do a regular Tech at Night tonight. Honest. Really. But something came up, and I haven’t even started putting words to WordPress until 2:55 am as I write this. I’m sorry.

On the plus side, I reached my goal in a hobby. I beat Zelda 2 in under 19 minutes, just 4 and a half seconds off of the world record. I’ll keep trying for the record but cutting my best time from 19:13 to 18:57 made me very happy tonight, and I had a lot of video processing work to do to publish the run.

It’s interesting that while the public wants the Congress to edit Wikipedia, we see Wikipedia people trying to ban various Congressional IP addresses.

Oh look, the blackshirt anarchists of Anonymous failed utterly in their attempts to intimidate the Ferguson shooter, by accusing the wrong man.

Twitter took down the account, so good on them.

FCC’s picking winners and losers is ruining a great idea in incentive auctions. We need this process to transition spectrum from legacy uses to wireless Internet, but the Obama FCC just can’t leave well enough alone.

And another one bites the dust as Dogecoin is crashing. This despite it having exactly the same mathematical traits that Bitcoin advocates say make it the perfect currency.

Is it time to place an embargo on cheap knockoff Chinese phone accessories? they keep starting fires and blowing up.

Title II Forbearance is a pig in a poke, says Fred Campbell. When we have to rely on their word that they won’t abuse it… no sale.

No wonder the New York Times has joined the George Soros-funded extreme left in backing this FCC power grab on the Internet.

We again are reminded that US Internet access is good. It could be better, but it’s not the laggard the radicals want us to think it is.

Did you know that there are extralegislative deals being made between US and EU Regulators, trying to extend EU law to American firms?

Breaking: people use Twitter and Facebook differently, but the radicals want to turn it into a big political thing or something. What a dumb post.

Am I wrong or was Jason Chaffetz supposed to be one of the libertarians?

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