My Mega Man 2 Battle Order

On May 22, 2010, in General, by Neil Stevens

Having covered Mega Man, let’s go on to the one I know best of the series, Mega Man 2.

The early goal is to get the Metal Blade, but there are parts of the Metal Man stage that require Item 2, so I start with Air Man. Then I go on to Metal Man. Bubble Man is a fun stage and he falls to the Metal Blade easily, so I do him next. Heat Man stage requires Crash Bomber, Crash Bomb stage requires Wood Man, Flash Man also requires Crash Bomber, and Quick Man requires Time Stopper and Crash Bomber, so the rest of the order is virtually forced, and the route becomes:

Air Man (with Buster), Metal Man (with Buster), Bubble Man (with Metal Blade), Wood Man (with Metal Blade), Crash Man (with Air Shooter), Heat Man (with Bubble Lead), Flash Man (with Metal Blade), Quick Man (with Crash Bomber).

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