So quiet?

On December 18, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

Well I had to go to DC for a meeting, which sucked up a week last month. Then I’ve spent a ton of time since working on version 4 of Red State’s site software. Throw in my own company work, and I haven’t spent much time on much else.

Played a bit of video games here and there: Some World of Goo, F-Zero GX (bought on a whim when shopping for Daniel), Nethack, Doom II, and Geometry Wars: Galaxies. All quickie stuff. No Metroid Prime 3 (which I’m starting to think just won’t ever hook me), no Etrian Odyssey, no Sim City DS, and ertainly no Makai Kingdom.

At least I finally found Freakazoid on DVD.


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