Upping the stakes

On December 18, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

Ghirardelli finally upped the stakes in the Dark Chocolate wars. Just a couple weeks ago I was disappointed at Target when I saw nothing beyond their 72% “Twilight Delight” squares, when other brands were going higher.

A while back I’d been given a gift of a pack of their dark chocolate, which had those 72%ers mixed with their 60% flavors. My coffee interest* naturally had me loving the 60% Espresso Escape, but I love the intensity of very dark chocolate.

Every time I’ve looked though, Ghirardelli only had stronger stuff in baking bars, a size far too large and inconvenient for my eating habits. But today at Target (coincidentally, not even the same Target. Last time was at the eastern edge of Moreno Valley, this time was at the eastern edge of Riverside), I saw something new: 86% Midnight Reverie. Great stuff.

Naturally I snapped off a little piece of one square, handed it to my brother, and said “Want some chocolate?” He proceeded to shove it into his mouth and chew it up, only to end up running to the kitchen, spitting it out, and guzzling some milk to soften the taste on his tongue. Heh.

* I avoid caffeine in general, though. I can abuse it so badly, so I rarely drink coffee. Allowed myself some for the RS 4 launch though, and that was a treat. Had four bottles of the new dark chocolate Starbucks Frappucinos. Great stuff.


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