I think that says it all

On May 2, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

There’s a pretty nasty primary race going on where I live, between Assemblyman John Benoit and Russ Bogh for the Republican nomination to the State Senate (37th district). This is a Republican district, so the primary is the election that counts. I’ve been pretty much ignoring it, though, waiting to decide until I vote in June.

However, today I got a piece of mail that I think says it all. Bogh put out an attack flyer on Benoit, criticizing him for voting to cut over $1 billion in spending, spending we certainly can’t afford. The Republicans in Sacramento, being vastly outnumbered, have one job: fight for spending and tax cuts during the budget fight, using the leverage given to the minority by the state Constitution.

If Bogh is going to be a spender in Sacramento, I think it’s likely that in June I will be favoring Benoit for State Senate.


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