Makai Kingdom: Early Thoughts

On May 2, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

They ran back toward Disgaea after the innovative Phantom Brave. Disappointing in a way, really. Speed is gone, returning team turns. Kill-based Mana is back, as are gender pairs of classes.

Summoning is still around though, but perhaps more interestingly, the main characters are no longer combat characters. Summoned monsters are mandatory to fight. That actually removes some tricks; Marona getting to be revived on the next map with 1 HP was something I’d used a few times.

It’ll be a while before I dig into the depth of these buildings, vehicles, and whatever the new random dungeons are, as well as how the items work (it seems like there’s less randomness and variation than in any previous game in this ‘series’). So of course I’m a long way from having any real judgements on the game.


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