“Most of these people are not rational.”

On January 14, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens
Ron Paul Revolution

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For the last eight years, the Democratic left has claimed that voting machines are the tools of electoral fraud in America. They claimed that the efficiency that makes them useful also makes them unreliable. However, a lack of efficiency also has a cost, unfortunately a personal one.

On primary night in Sutton, New Hampshire, they used no voting machines. Everything was done by hand. Vote totals were read aloud and written down by hand onto the form sent to the state officials, and in that process a mistake was made. Ron Paul’s 31 votes were missed, with his line on the form left blank entirely.

The mistake was corrected the next day in an updated fax, when a polite voter asked why his vote for Ron Paul did not register in the official tally, but that was too late to prevent problems for poor Jennifer Call, Sutton’s town clerk. She became the target of a nationwide intimidation effort, as deranged Ron Paul supporters across the country accused her of numerous crimes including treason and fraud.

Calling her at work and at home, calling her primarily from out of state, harassing her, accusing her, threatening her, and using false identities at times, the Ron Paul Revolution turned this woman’s life into a nightmare. Says the Concord Monitor:

She went home and locked her doors. She called her mother in North Carolina. She cried. The calls kept coming. She unhooked her answering machine and requested an unlisted number.

“I was drained emotionally and physically,” Call said. “That’s when I really started to freak out. Thursday it hit me, that most of these people are not rational. That’s when I became scared.”

Some say the Republican Party needs to reach out to these people, because we may not draw them into the fold if we reject Ron Paul too strongly. I hope they’re right; I hope these people never identify Republican a day in their lives. Let their Nazi brownshirt tactics of intimidation stay put, outside of the legitimacy of a peaceful, national party.


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