Super Tuesday Ballot

On January 12, 2008, in General, by Neil Stevens

Yesterday my ballot came in the mail for California’s primary election on Super Tuesday, February 5.

Unlike the November 2006 ballot which was just huge, this one is pretty small. One office, and 7 initiatives (well, effectively four since four of them are nearly identical).

Here are my choices and recommendations from top to bottom, and why:

President: Fred Thompson. I think he’s the candidate who best can heal the fractures starting to come up in our party, and is the candidate who can best get us on the Golden Path that Ronald Reagan set out for us.

Proposition 91: No. Prop. 91 would restrict gas taxes from being used for anything but roads and other special transportation uses. Our budget simply cannot handle any more such special restrictions though, as the ones already in effect (like the school mandate) already contribute to our perennial budget crises.

Proposition 92: No. We don’t need to subsidize community colleges even more than we already do, sorry, and that’s exactly what capping unit costs would amount to us doing.

Proposition 93: No. I oppose term limits, but Prop. 93 doesn’t end them. It merely reduces the musical-chairs effect of the existing term limits, and grants a reset on term limits for those already in office. That’s dishonest and reason enough to vote against this as it is.

Proposition 94: No. Governor Schwarzenegger has negotiated a change to the gambling compact with the Pechanga indians. He wants to let them increase their government monopoly on gambling, and split the profits with them to help cover for his out of control spending. It’s better than tax and spend, but I don’t want to encourage spending.

Proposition 95: No. See 94, only for the Morongos.

Proposition 96: No. See 94, only for the Sycuans.

Proposition 97: No. See 94, only for the Agua Calientes.


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