The Joy of Tracking Polls 5

On November 12, 2007, in General, by Neil Stevens

The Rasmussen Tracking Poll is an going concern, and so here are my thoughts on last week’s movement.

Rasmussen Tracking

I said last week that Mike Huckabee had peaked, and oh boy did he ever. Of course, I’m not going to gloat all that much, because my man has now seen his support cut in half since announcing.

Yeah, Fred Thompson’s support was apparently illusory, with Republicans not turning out to be as ready for the message of consistent federalism as the early polls made me hope. He’s now indistinguishable in this poll from Romney and McCain. Is McCain pulling supporters from him?

Giuliani chugs right along though, but given how swingy his numbers have been, I have to think a fair amount of that is weak. This is still anybody’s race, if this poll has anything to say about it.


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