John Doolittle gets desperate

On November 12, 2007, in General, by Neil Stevens

The Sacramento Bee writes about a recent meeting of Republicans at the State Convention that was headlined by speeches by Rep. John Doolittle and two challengers, including Red State-supported Eric Egland. I’m thinking that our having helped Egland out-raise Doolittle has scared the guy, because he’s now referring to Egland and fellow challenger Ted Gaines as “weasels.”

Says the Bee:

Mike Spence, president of the California Republican Assembly, which represents the most solidly conservative wing of the state GOP, said his statewide organization will not make an endorsement in the Doolittle race. But conservatives are watching the district closely and with concern.

“I think most of our members are very supportive of John Doolittle, but I also know members that aren’t,” Spence said. He added: “I think we’re always concerned when there is a strong conservative member of Congress who is targeted. This will be one or two contested seats in California. We’re going to be trying to find a way to keep the seat.”

Mike Spence, I hope you’re reading this, because I want to tell you something: Eric Egland or Ted Gaines each probably have a better chance to win than John Doolittle. CD 4 ought to be our district, it having gone overwhelmingly for Bush both times. But Doolittle couldn’t even get a majority last time out, running behind all other Republicans.

This isn’t about innocent or guilty, as activist Pete Weber implies when the Bee quotes him as saying “The American system is you are innocent until proven guilty, and I believe my man is innocent.” This is politics, and if we can nominate a new conservative who will win over the incumbent who is on track to possibly lose, then we need to do it.

As the saying goes, if you want a friend, get a dog. But if you want a Congressman, nominate Eric Egland.


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