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Yeah, terrorism is terrible, and we need to run Islamic State folks into prison, but the idea that a retweet is criminal, given the nature of how Twitter works, is kind of silly. It’s clear to me the Obama administration is just out of touch, as much as its FBI under James Comey is ridiculously power hungry.

Why should regulators be allowed to make firms keep records about you? I’m not taking a libertarian position on this. I’m not against government monitoring of baddies. But I’m not sure it’s inherently legitimate that government should be able to regulate to make it easier to perform surveillance. For example: Wiretapping is fine. Banning encryption to support wiretapping is not.

I’m shocked, shocked that FCC would impose new regulations to impede new technologies: in this case, moving on from the old POTS system to more modern phone systems.

Death to comprehensive Anything reform, including patents.

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