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So the Local Radio Fairness Act is purely an act of picking winners and losers, a corrupt means of trying to curry favor with local media stations, come re-election time. I normally hate arguments like that but look, what legitimate reason is there to hand out copyright exemptions?

A lot of members of both parties are rushing in to buy love, but it shouldn’t surprise us that indicted felon Chakka Fattah (Democrat-Penn.) was in on it.

Comprehensive patent reform is also a bad idea, since it’s going to have similarly terrible giveaways. Fortunately opposition is growing.

Weird how the Net Neutrality zealots don’t care about T-Mobile being non-neutral. Even as it’s exposed that they were lying all along about price controls.

Amazon has it right on drones: find a way to let innovation flourish. If we treated cars the way we treat drones we’d all be slaves to public transportation. Imagine if cars worked like the airlines…

Think about it: You can break the law with drones, but you can also break the law with cars. If a car drove in front of a fire truck we wouldn’t ban cars.

However I am all for letting firefighters destroy drones that are flying over fires. Go for it.

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