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So it turns out that while Google, for months now, has been driving all sorts of hysteria about NSA and “spying,” the firm has been grossly negligent in its own privacy protections. The firm admits Google Hangouts is completely open to spying within Google, a basic design error that shows Google is not at all taking seriously the idea that government is spying on people.

It’s all a sham, just like Netflix and Net Neutrality. So we shouldn’t be surprised to find out NSA isn’t even collecting very much data. Oops.

FISA is sound. The FISA portions of USA PATRIOT deserve renewal. Oh, you mean you didn’t realize the provisions that the activists are complaining about, involve foreign surveillance and warrants? Weird. It’s almost like the whole push is an emotional appeal, not a facts-based one.

So we must defeat the obstructionist nutball Democrats throwing temper tantrums based on falsehoods, and repass the bill.

Speaking of Net Neutrality, FCC is being ideological and unreasonable. Surprise! This isn’t about making a sound policy, this is about a power grab.

They say we need to give up US government oversight of the Internet in favor of a “multistakeholder model”, but ICANN isn’t even transparent.

State regulations rigging the game for car dealerships: bad idea. The feds intervening on behalf of Obama’s pet firm, Tesla: even worse idea. We have a Constitution. We have a federal system. This is yet another power grab, and a cronyist one at that.

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