Tech at Night: Next month is D-Day for Net Neutrality

On January 3, 2015, in General, by Neil Stevens

Well here it comes. After pro-liberty, anti-Net Neutrality forces won the comment period, forcing the Obama Democrats to ‘find new comments’, The FCC will vote on the next round of Net Neutrality next month. There are two ways this could go. Chairman Tom Wheeler could try for a repeat of the rules that were thrown out in court the last two times, with a possible tweak to get by the courts.

Or he could try for the massive power grab, Title II Reclassification, to regulate the 2010s-era Internet under 1930s-era phone regulations. As much as the argument for that is based on lies as pretexts for a power grab, it could happen.

The Christmas day attacks on Sony and Microsoft are already yielding arrests.

Backers of the Internet sales tax really wanted a bill last Congress, when they had a big business-friendly Senate, and possibly enough Republicans in the House to convince. So much so that they passed dead man’s hand tax increases in the states, and now those taxes are becoming reality. The politics of this with the new all-Republican Congress could go a number of ways.

People don’t want tax hikes. But these tax hikes replace lost sales tax revenue. And on the gripping hand, that replaced revenue somewhat eliminates the argument for the internet sales tax.

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