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Right now there’s a huge astroturf campaign going on, spamblasting fake messages to the FCC, pretending that there’s this giant grassroots army of opposition to the idea that people or businesses should be able to pay ISPs for faster service. This is what they’re calling “fast lanes” and the progressives are having a fit.

It’s all fake, and pretext for government growth. Which is why Nancy Pelosi is now talking tough on ‘fast lanes, but her own lifestyle shows she’s actually fine with them.

Tell you what, Nancy: You start flying coach like the rest of us, drive your own car or – better since you’re so hot against Global Warming – take the Metro to the Capitol every day, and maybe you can show some genuine opposition to fast lanes. Your whole life is in a fast lane bubble we 99%ers wouldn’t be able to afford to live in.

So hands off the Internet.

Because if the extremist left gets its way, Government regulation will harm Internet streaming video.

And let’s be honest, Nancy Pelosi talking about liberty is as credible as the Iranian mullahs talking against censorship.

In the meantime, the extremists are plotting to fake slowdowns in order to trick people into thinking their ISPs are causing problems. It’s a dishonest ploy designed to gin up support for their unpopular big-government ideas.

So Edward Snowden is still trying to get toward Germany. If Switzerland defies our extradition treaty again, then we should apply economic sanctions or something. how can we let them get away with this again, after they harbored the rapist Roman Polanski?

Interesting that Mark Warner ist alking tough about patent trolls now, when it’s convenient for his Senate campaign, instead of back when it could have done some good in the Senate. Why didn’t he get vocal to pressure Harry Reid? Is it because he will sell out to party leadership no matter what he tells the voters of Virginia?

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